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1.    Classroom Rules apply in the Library.  Please treat the Library, staff, books and each other with respect. 

2.    If you have checked out books from the Library YOU are responsible for those books!  That means if they are damaged, lost or stolen YOU will be responsible for paying for a replacement.  SO – TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS!  The safest place for your books when you are not reading them is in your backpack or wherever your teacher has designated they should be kept in your classroom. 

Please remember that using the Library is a privilege and any violation of the rules or disruption of the Library may result in the loss of Library privileges.

Book Renewal Policy

Library books can be renewed by grades 2 and up as long as the student brings the book in for renewal and has no overdue library books.  There may be limits on the number of times certain books can be renewed.  All renewals are at the discretion of the Library Staff.

Overdue Book Policy

If a student has an overdue book the student cannot check out another library book until the overdue book has been returned to the library.  If the book is over due for more than 4 library periods OR the student indicates that they have lost the book, we will apply our "Lost Book" policy and a replacement cost will be required.