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Students are responsible for the books they check-out from the Sahuaro Ranch Library.  If a book is lost, damaged or stolen the student will be responsible for paying the full replacement cost of the book.  The student will not be allowed to check any more books out until the replacement cost has been paid in full. 


In the case of lost books, a book will be considered "lost" if the student indicates to us he or she has lost the book OR if the book is more than 4 library periods over-due.  A statement will be issued to the student showing the replacement cost of the book, and the student will not be able to check out any other library books until this fine has been resolved.  Please note, we would ALWAYS rather have the book back, so if the book comes back in good condition, we will delete the lost book fee.  If a “lost” book is found after the replacement cost has been paid, the student will be reimbursed the cost of the book after it has been returned to the library if it is in good condition and can be returned to circulation.


A book is considered "damaged" if it is returned to the library in a condition that requires extensive repair OR is unable to be repaired and cannot be returned to circulation.  Examples of damaged books include, but are not limited to, water damage, mold, writing on the inside of the book, torn and or missing pages, and/or damage to the outside of the book.  Damage will be assessed by the Library Staff and they will determine if the book can be repaired or not.  If not, or if the repair work is extensive, the full replacement cost of the book will be charged to the student.