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Susan (Sue) Kiefhaber

Raymond S. Kellis High School World Languages:

American Sign Language: levels 1-4, grades 9-12  

Welcome to my site! I am grateful and honored to be your son/daughter's teacher. Teenagers are awesome! Experience has shown me their brains are stunningly able to network and cogitate on concepts in ingenious ways for enrichment.  Studying Sign Language adds a "right brain" visual dimension that complements other studies such as English and math that may be more "left brain" focused!

Sign Language can be taken as an elective or for foreign "world" language credit, and is accepted by all Arizona colleges/universities (and most around the country) as such. For students who wish to continue beyond the 2 semesters of ASL, 4 college credits can be earned through Estrella Mountain Community College for each of the Level 3 and 4 classes.

I am a highly qualified Sign Language teacher of 10 years, and also have endorsements in special /elementary education & guidance. Previous work experience includes behavioral and career counseling. I love words AND things that are visual/spatial. I love to be creative.  I am the mother of three mostly-raised and all-the-way fantastic children.

Feel free to contact me!

                  Telephone:                        623-412-5425        

My schedule:

Fall     2010 

Spring 2011



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