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My name is Michele Pyle.

I teach Math and Computer Programming at Ironwood High School.

For lessons, assignments, and test dates please check the calendar under Lists in the left margin.

Ironwood High School is located at 6051 W. Sweetwater Road in Glendale AZ.  The main phone number is 623-486-6400. The number for attendance is 623-486-6405.

My email address is


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Have a beginner’s mindset

Learning alongside your students is not something that all teachers are comfortable with. However, doing so reflects the real world of software development. The world of technology is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. Today’s experts are tomorrow’s dinosaurs. The one true skill in this world is the ability to learn. By learning alongside your students, by not being an authority on the subject, and by encouraging students to arrive at answers on their own, you may provide a very valuable experience, one that reflects the nature of the real world and that will serve them well in any future endeavor.



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