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Centennial HS


Melissa Girmscheid

CeHS Physics, AP Physics 1, Biology

This is my seventh year here at Centennial, and I am happy to be at such a wonderful school.  I am passionate about teaching something I love - Physics!

Course information can be found at the corresponding sites.

You can contact me through the school: 623-412-4400 or by email:​

Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday    6:45-7:15 am in room 226; afternoons by request

Need Help? 
by Melissa Girmscheid
 2/9/2012 1:53 PM

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 PUSD Home Page
 Through the Wormhole
 ASU Virtual Career Counseling Center
 Physics Career Resource Center
 Dr. Michio Kaku, Renowned Physicist & Cool Dude
 Graphing Challenge
 Physics Central
 Physics Classroom - tutorials, etc.
 Physics to Go - monthly mini-magazine
 AAPT Resources for Students
 Physics Simulations
 ASU Physics Department
 21st Century Physics - videos!
 Conceptual Physics
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