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Welcome to the CeHS COOP website!

COOP (Child Oriented Occupational Program) is a fun place for kids to learn! Our program is for four-year-olds, and is staffed by high school students who  are under the guidance of our COOP director, Mrs. Bordenkircher (a certified teacher), and our morning and afternoon COOP coordinators (Ms.O'Connor and Mrs. Newberry). We are a licensed preschool. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our program


Contact Information
Director: Mrs. Bordenkircher: 

Coordinators: Ms. O'Connor:

   Mrs. Newberry:

Phone Number (COOP Classroom): 623-412-4412


 Announcements (click title to view more)

by Melissa Bordenkircher
 10/23/2016 11:40 AM

What is COOP?
COOP stands for Child Oriented Occupational Program. Our program is a non-profit laboratory program, in which High School students who are enrolled in Early Childhood Professions, or Future Teachers, participate in work based learning...
COOP Quick Information 
by Melissa Bordenkircher
 1/15/2016 10:44 AM
Centennial High School C.O.O.P.
An Arizona State Licensed Child Care Facility
C.O.O.P. Stands for Child Oriented Occupational Program.  The purpose of this program is to give "on the job training" to high school students who are...
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 COOP Documents

COOP registration letter.docCOOP registration letter
COOP Enrollment FORM.pdfCOOP Enrollment FORM



Getting Started

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