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You are just beginning your career exploration adventure.  Making a decision about your career may seem like a long way off, but it's important to start thinking about it now.  This unit is designed to get you thinking about how your interests and school subjects relate to what you may like to do in a future career.  This stop on your career exploration adventure asks questions about what you like now and the things that you might like in the future.


16 Career Clusters

During the next two years in TLC you are going to be introduced to and study various careers.    You will learn about occupations and then have the opportunity to do some hands on activities that relate to the career you are studying.  Below is a list of the six career fields you will be studying over the next two years.

The careers you will be exploring over the next two years are organized by common skills, knowledge and work setting.  The organization begins with 6 Career Fields, those fields are broken down to 16 Career Clusters which are then broken down into 79 Career Pathways.  Click on the Career Field above to see the Career Clusters and Pathways for each Field.

Unit Outline:
4 Career Inventory Survey   [Lab 1]  
4 Career Profile Brochure   [Lab 2]  
4 Can You Afford Yourself?   [Lab 3]  
4 Designing a Business Card [Lab 4]
4 Student Resumé   [Lab 5]  
4 Student Portfolio Reflection   [Lab 6]  
Student Directions:

Read the directions carefully for each lab activity.  You will need to SAVE Student Activity Cards and Worksheets to the Student H: drive > Career Exploration Folder.  Be sure to SAVE any additional items created to this location.

Student login procedures       

After students have created a portfolio in Choices Explorer, your login is now the students' computer User ID and Password.

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