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 Important Classroom Announcements

Weekly Plans 
by Dianna Denton
 1/17/2011 4:50 PM
Weekly Plans can be found for all classes I teach by choosing the Teacher's Blog tab at the top of this page.  Go ahead ~ take a look now!



Mrs. Dianna L Denton

Centennial High School Computer Science & Technology teacher.  I teach the following classes at CeHS which are also dual enrollment courses:

Please contact me at I encourage you to contact me with questions and concerns.  I check my email often and find that to be easier for communication; however, if you would like to speak to me you can call the school at (623) 412-4400 and they will forward that to me. 


 Classroom Documents and Assignments

Folder: Classroom Documents
Folder: Projects
Folder: Student Handouts


 Game Design and Development Moodle site
 Computer Programming & Technology Moodle site
 AP CompSci I